Those 4 years..

Posted: August 10, 2007 in Humour, Poetry
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A distance chart may shout 1400 miles on my face but i simply laugh at its ignorance. Statistics lie nonetheless, coz i am still there, with my heart and soul, the place i spent my four years at: IIT Roorkee.

  Four years, i stayed there, wid u ..
Rest of my life, u stay here, wid me.. !!
  My Alma mater..

Of birthday bumps and lavish bashes
Of gaming freaks and GPA crashes
Of mess bunks and nesci treats
Of crowded rooms and empty streets
Of changing seasons and changing fashions
Of dilly-dallying and bakar sessions
Of tutorial submissions and boring lectures
Of wild daru parties and leg fractures
Of day dreaming and fun nightouts
Of examination blues and last minute doubts
Of festive celebrations and club hours
Of skyping, messengers and orkut stars

And so much more i wish to tell..
My last 4 years in a nutshell..

PS: For a graphical representation of above, check this link..

  1. rohitpruthi says:

    Brilliant .. i am nostalgic all over again !

  2. Mohit Jain says:

    so true indeed..i saw my album last nite n got so nostalgic dat i reproduced it here as well. !!
    thanx 🙂

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