Life In Closet

Posted: August 16, 2007 in Poetry

This was my first attempt at poetry and so far, I rate it as my best. I hope i could parallel it someday. The idea struck me last year while i took a shower and materialized into a poem, the very morning, 2 hours later, in a boring lecture session. It continues to inspire me to write more…

Living naked for years, bubbling, that was me
Close to the Mother Nature and breathing free

No suffocations of worldly sins, of worldly smell
One piece that was me, bereft of any outer shell
Tuned to GOD’s own laws, nothing did I make
All as it always were, not a glint of fake
Pious as HIS own culture, life seemed to glee
Close to the Mother Nature and breathing free

Living naked for years, I felt so shy
Jus’ above, the winds of change started to fly

The senses struck, the mind clicked, ‘long came the pride
The shames of naivety, perhaps was the time to hide
I stood. I fell. Again. Again I fumbled
A solitary soul was I, all confused, all jumbled
Failure came strolling along with every try
Jus’ above, the winds of change started to fly

Living naked for years, I felt so bound
A cover for my miserable soul soon I found

I lied. I stole. I killed. And up and higher
A gust of heat, I smelled, then came HIS fire
I ran and ran. Faster. I thought myself brave
A fool that I was, I instead found the grave
Wrapped in its darkness, followed a life even worse
Living naked for years, no more seemed a curse..

  1. neha says:

    i swear i am awestruck…i know we had to stop with the niceties but i can’t help it… i think i am gonna stop reading your blog…coz just when i was starting to feel good about mine you posted this… 🙂
    so this is your magnum opus you were talking about? its awesome really…tops anything you’ve written here

  2. rohitpruthi says:

    Yups..! I have read it before on your system 🙂

    and it keeps getting better everytime I read it

  3. Mohit Jain says:

    thanx so much..n u dont really need to stop readin mine.. 🙂

    i know..ditto for me !!!

  4. dude really awesome one and honestly i feel too naive to comment on such a magnificent work… keep it up bro..

  5. Mohit Jain says:

    @ abhina(v)y 😛
    i loved ur “mere hazaar naam” wala blog..n now i vl start callin u abhinav
    Thanx 🙂

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