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Posted: January 29, 2008 in Poetry

After a huge hiatus, the reasons for which are unknown even to me, i am putting this down from the old box of mine. I wrote it on behalf of a friend, my best friend actually. Most people know him by name of God.

No one brought me on this earth.
No one would ever take me away.
Never did I take any birth.
Forever, albeit, I would stay.

Your every tear, my eyes let fall.
Your every smile adorns my lips.
My ears attend your every call.
Every arm, my arm grips.

My feet walk your every step.
My skin shades every soul.
Every life rests on my lap.
Every death rests in my soul.

No one stays from me, apart.
No one stays beyond my care.
I live within every heart.
Yet you seek me everywhere.

My strength fights your every strife.
My smell loads your every breath.
Within you, I live your life.
Within you, I die your death.