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And I said,

Posted: April 16, 2008 in Creative

“An empty glass is still full of air.”

“Love is like magic, illogical and beautiful.”

“To wish is free, to be wished is priceless.”

“Love is like magic, almost everyone falls to it.”

“Strong winds can shake my skin, but not the dreams within.”

“Love is like magic, do it, know it. “

“The taste of success is best known by those who never get to taste it.”

“Love is like time, u never seem to have enough of either.”

“The game isn’t over until you have won.”

“Modesty is my middle name, and I choose not to use it!”

“I always believed in Lust at first site, my first site was desib***.com.”

“Life is not about moving on all the time. It is more about stopping at the right places and enjoying the view!”

Modesty is my middle name. And, I choose not to use it!