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MA Story Writer

Posted: June 26, 2008 in Creative

We had a story writing competition today at MA and we were to use as many words from a set of 80 provided. Here goes a reprint of our (Simon & I) version. the words given and used are highlighted.


A Walk By Memory Lane

It had been 2 days, he was lying there, and he couldn’t feel his legs anymore crushed under the weight of a heavy iron gate. He wasn’t sure anymore if he was alive. A slight twinge confirmed he was. A shriek emanated from his swollen lips but stopped halfway coz’ what he saw next was beyond the most horrible nightmares of his. People were reduced to dirtbags, lying cluttered one over another, everywhere. There was no sign of life whatsoever. The whole city had turned into a big pile of debris. He tried to recall what had happened, and more importantly, who he was. But all he could remember was some people shouting “It’s a meteor. We are all gonna die”. Some said “Alien Attack! Run for your lives”. The voices echoed in his ears.

“Am I the only one left?” he was wondering as he limped his way through the carcass when he stumbled across a mud stained notebook. It was a diary. he flipped open the first page. He read it loud, as if to address an imaginary audience.


I arrived today via Kingfisher airlines, and made a check in at Ginger where I had a strawberry shake and watched the movie Dosti. At night, I went to a bar, with my colleague. It was his birthday, so we ordered a chocolate cake and celebrated it with Signature whisky, amid a rocking environment.


Next morning, I started with reading a review of Titanic and an offer on its booking. Later I watched it too.


Today was my first day at MA. After a fruitful weekend, my heart was pounding as I took a cab to office, and had my first touch of Bangalore’s traffic. After a security check, we marched into the office premises. I took a lift to reach cafeteria and there our training began. We were given presentations on Architecture, Engines, Routing, Dispatch, Automation by their respective team managers. We were also told about a team outing and Town Hall 2008 meeting, and advised to update it in calendar. They also introduced us to Thumbs Up and Josh clubs. Then we were separated into 2 batches, Java and C++. I was given a desktop while some others got a shiny laptop. I checked my first E-mail in my inbox. Then I was assigned my 1st Cr: CR N0. 78627 raised in Clear case regarding Globalization. The CR details had bug number, build details and setup environment. I checked out the latest code. It involved LTL shipment with less than 5 line items, and origin as Thailand, failing in import driver rates scenario. I started my server and logged into the console workspace. Later, I filled non billable hours in netsteps, and sent my status report as an attachment to the manager, after he sent me a template report. It was a lovely day.


As he reached the end of the page, a drop trickled down his moist eyes and washed off the dirt settling on the rest of the name. Mohit. “Yes. This is me. This is my writing. This is my diary. These are my words. I am Mohit”, he exclaimed to himself. “I am Mohit”, he shouted with utmost fervor. Instantly, he felt a wave of pain flowing ferociously through his veins. “I am Mohit”, he murmered in a dying tone as he toppled down. And then, there was stillness again, but for the sound of the pages of the diary, unfurling intermittently owing to the strong careless wind.


And now that I am getting time to read it, its funny how oddly we have managed to tuck the words somehow into the gaps. But then, we had jus’ over 30 minutes. So I guess, that settles it.


Jus’ Talkin’

Posted: June 2, 2008 in Creative

I: “Your life is a dead sea, dude ! No variety, jus’ plain salt. That’s what it is. An absolute bore. Did U hear me? An absolute bore”

I*: “No way buddy ! U r mistaken. I do all the stuff people could only dream of. I wake up when my heart permits, not my alarm clock. I go to work, and read blogs. I chat with my friends. And then after a heavy lunch, and an even heavier sleep in the office’s dorm, I read some more blogs and chat some more. Meanwhile, as a gesture of respect for the payslip I get at every month’s end, I spend few minutes on fixing some minor issues. Major issues can wait, u see, they deserve time. And that’s not it. I come home, play squash. I watch some TV and then I get absorbed in the mysteries of the “LOST” island. And, a few minutes spent in kitchen assisting Cook bhaiya only adds spice to the day. Now, u tell me, how is it boring? How could u not see the variety?”

I: (smiles)

I*: “What? Why don’t u speak now? Tell me, what part of my day is boring?”

I: “.. that U do it all exactly the same way, over n over, everyday. Everyday !”

PS: I & I* hold no resemblance to the author, however apparent it may seem. He is more than happy with whatever his routine is.