Jus’ Talkin’

Posted: June 2, 2008 in Creative

I: “Your life is a dead sea, dude ! No variety, jus’ plain salt. That’s what it is. An absolute bore. Did U hear me? An absolute bore”

I*: “No way buddy ! U r mistaken. I do all the stuff people could only dream of. I wake up when my heart permits, not my alarm clock. I go to work, and read blogs. I chat with my friends. And then after a heavy lunch, and an even heavier sleep in the office’s dorm, I read some more blogs and chat some more. Meanwhile, as a gesture of respect for the payslip I get at every month’s end, I spend few minutes on fixing some minor issues. Major issues can wait, u see, they deserve time. And that’s not it. I come home, play squash. I watch some TV and then I get absorbed in the mysteries of the “LOST” island. And, a few minutes spent in kitchen assisting Cook bhaiya only adds spice to the day. Now, u tell me, how is it boring? How could u not see the variety?”

I: (smiles)

I*: “What? Why don’t u speak now? Tell me, what part of my day is boring?”

I: “.. that U do it all exactly the same way, over n over, everyday. Everyday !”

PS: I & I* hold no resemblance to the author, however apparent it may seem. He is more than happy with whatever his routine is.

  1. Rachit says:

    Lol.. I have no issues regarding Mr. I… my conscience has gone off to sleep… and Mr.I* is living a gala life…sans some pals though.. thodey zyada hotey toh mazaa aata

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