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Seventy & 3

Posted: November 21, 2009 in Creative, Romance
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I feel sad to see my desolate blog. I thought I had started well on my 2009’s resolution, but i guess i fell short, far short. Anyways, as the year starts to dusk, I am back, hopefully for a longer stint. This is a 125 words story I wrote for HT love story contest, 2 weeks ago. Not really win win material, but i sure can devote a li’l space for it here. So I go..

The banyan tree outside the temple had been her abode for a long time. Through her half open cataract eyes, she had seen many people come and go, some carrying hopes, some remorse and some gratitude. That afternoon, as she woke up to a chuckle, an innocent pair of eyes looked straight into hers. There was something about him that pulled her up from her half sleep. It was love at first sight. He would come everyday, and jump straight into her arms, embrace her, kiss her, play with her hair. They talked in unintelligible syllables that only they understood. It was almost divine, their love for each other- his first, her last.

I was just 3 back then, and I still miss her. Amma!