A Li’l Philosophy

“The shortest distance between two people is a smile.” -Anonymous

I have often pondered over the above statement, usually concluding that smile perhaps is the most extrinsic-yet-intimate gesture we can bestow onto others.

Have u ever noticed how our ever burgeoning frown, inspite of the innumerable luxuries we adorn our life with, is so completely dimmed by the bubbling effervescence of a two yr old toddler trying to come to terms with his newly learnt art of walking. Perhaps only he can manage a smile, a pure one i.e.. This, indeed, is the irony of a smile. It often comes at the cost of knowledge. Then, is the “one-who-knows-none” more capable of managing an uncontaminated smile than “one-who-knows-all”?? Is ignorance really bliss??

I often sneak into this questionland of mine, unnoticed (sometimes, even i dont take notice..), wandering around these questions, hoping for a solution, always ending as an utter failure.

Perhaps i m one of those “one-who-knows-none” as well. Perhaps that propels me into a smile so often. Perhaps dat’s why they call me “An Undisputed Clown”.

I aint funny.
I aint foolish.
I aint an ordinary clown.
But I m here to spread smiles !!

Giving away smiles, is the most rapid way to procure one. That’s another irony, a smile cocoons itself, around. If u ever fall short of one(or more, for that matter), come to me…

An Everlasting Smile..
A smile can bring u near to me…