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Posted: January 16, 2009 in Poetry
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This was one of those many unfinished 4 line posts which had been lying on my desktop for quite a while. One of my 2009’s resolutions was to complete them apiece. I am glad, at least I have made a start. Clearly as it suggests, it was started in wake of 26/11 as it is now infamously referred to. And, I could not think of a more apt title. Here it goes:

There is death all around me
smiling in my face
with a devilish grin it hovers around
all ready to embrace

I look as if I care for its antics
“Oh! shut up for god’s sake,
I got chores to be done with
and my job, here, is at stake.”

“And, gimme a li’l space, wil’ ya
I need to get goin’ fast and soon.
Killing me won’t do any good anyhow
I sure ain’t any famous tycoon”

“Go show yourself off at some posh locale
if you are so eager for a front page mention
‘Coz there is no worth exploding here
even if you kill us by a million.”

Astounded, it stares in my eye
as I show it the door
“Cya Mate, may be some other place”, said I,
too scared to be scared any more.