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Posted: January 16, 2009 in Poetry
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This was one of those many unfinished 4 line posts which had been lying on my desktop for quite a while. One of my 2009’s resolutions was to complete them apiece. I am glad, at least I have made a start. Clearly as it suggests, it was started in wake of 26/11 as it is now infamously referred to. And, I could not think of a more apt title. Here it goes:

There is death all around me
smiling in my face
with a devilish grin it hovers around
all ready to embrace

I look as if I care for its antics
“Oh! shut up for god’s sake,
I got chores to be done with
and my job, here, is at stake.”

“And, gimme a li’l space, wil’ ya
I need to get goin’ fast and soon.
Killing me won’t do any good anyhow
I sure ain’t any famous tycoon”

“Go show yourself off at some posh locale
if you are so eager for a front page mention
‘Coz there is no worth exploding here
even if you kill us by a million.”

Astounded, it stares in my eye
as I show it the door
“Cya Mate, may be some other place”, said I,
too scared to be scared any more.



Posted: August 1, 2007 in Poetry, Romance
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I ain’t the real poet. My heart is…
I jus’ scribble it down..


There ain’t any beginning to you….


All the things that move ‘n’ sway
Would come to halt in mid state
The breeze, the seas, the melancholies would also stay
For your magical touch, to heal their fate ..

Give, a moment to cherish
I only yearn for your presence
And all my pain would perish
Jus’ by the kiss of your glance ..

Your smile enchants the blooming flowers
An oasis enough to quench desert’s thirst
Your voice smells of serene showers
And sunrays battle to touch you first ..

Daisies dance to your song
Stars fade out to your glow
A spell of magic you bring along
Make beats go fast n time go slow ..

There ain’t any end to you….